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If you're a furniture manufacturer, CEUs are the best way to get in front of your customers. But a new CEU takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, our boutique team of ghost writers is ready to help.

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Interior Designers

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With years of experience, we've partnered with dozens of commercial furniture manufacturers.

Educational Furniture Manufacturer

Put Your Thinking Cap On

How to design early childhood education spaces where learning takes off.

Table and Desking Manufacturer

How Your "Why" Changes Everything

A 60-minute course on the value of starting with "Why" and ending with "What".

Room Divider Manufacturer

Privacy: Rebalancing the Office

How to bring acoustical, visual, and territorial privacy into the workspace.

Premier Tile Manufacturer

Purpose Driven Design

Why companies who prioritize purpose over profits are thriving.

Industry-Leading Rep Group

Can You Hear Me Now?

The science of sound and how acoustics are no more complicated than the ABCs.

International Furniture Manufacturer

The Office of The Future

Emerging technology that has and will continue to revolutionize work.

International Furniture Manufacturer

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

How social media can be a tool for great career growth or embarrassment.

Sound Booth Manufacturer

Focus In A Crowded World

The power of focus work and how to spend more time in your flow state.

Acoustic Furniture Manufacturer

How To Work From Home

A practical guide to working from home and maximizing your productivity.

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We Know The Ingredients Of A Good CEU


Architect and International Associate (AIA) members are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education every year. To reach more architects, we specialize in AIA courses.


American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) members are required to take 10 credits every 2 years of IDCEC-approved courses. To position your brand in front of more designers, we ensure all of our courses will be IDCEC-approved.


AIA and IDCEC require that a select number of their member's annual credits come from Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) CEUs. We can work with your brand to develop a course that achieves this coveted subcategory.

In-Person and Virtual

A well-developed CEU should be engaging in-person and online. In addition to creating a content-rich course, we'll share best practices on how to keep your audience engaged in any circumstance.

Ready in 8 Weeks

By following an agile project management framework, our team takes your course from a mere idea to a polished, submission-ready CEU in just 8 weeks. By holding ourselves to a tight timeline, your team can launch a new CEU this quarter, not next year.

Hands-On Training

To ensure the course is launched successfully, we'll work with your team to put together a rep training program. From video recordings to folders of promotional content, we ensure you'll have everything you need to start booking meetings.
Our Process

How We Turn Your Brand Into Thought Leaders

CEU Course Development

Over the course of 8 weeks, our team of ghost writers researches and develops a course that positions your brand as a thought leader in some area of commercial furniture. From the science of acoustics to the psychology of childhood education, our team is prepared to dive into any topic.

Sales and Marketing Collateral

After the course has been developed and submitted to a governing body (AIA, IDCEC, etc.), our team develops promotional content about the CEU. By providing your team with a dozen marketing pieces, we ensure that you and your reps have everything you need to start booking appointments.

Rep Training Resources

After the course has been approved, we train your rep partners. Through in-person events or individual virtual calls, we sit down with your sales force and teach them how to present the CEU. To ensure your rep partners are always confident in the material, we create a course training page on our site for reps to revisit overtime.

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From startups to majors and everything in-between, we've worked with contract interior manufacturers of all size.

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